Zindagi Ki Mehek

It is s story of Two persons Mehek Sharma and Shaurya Khanna. Mehek is Middle clss girl very simple and traight forward and fomd of cooking. Shaurya Khanna is a rich arogant , Proudy and Rude man the owner of the Resturant. Both have different Personalities. Everyone like her cooking. One Day they Saw a Cooking competition AD and She asked to Participate in it and  impress everyone by her cooking Skills. The jugde of this competition was Shaury Khanna. Because she hates middle Class so he behave rudely with Mehek.

Mehek took the revenge and in response to his bad behavior she insulta the Shaury Khanna at the spot. This made him more furious and plans avenge his insut. First of all he blames on her uncle and getting uncle locked. Mehek worreid very much and said Shaurya to rlease her uncle but Shaurya says dance with him then her uncle will release. Mehek has no way and did as he said. After this Shaurya change the place of Competition that is Agra. Mehek family resist mehek and said to leave the competition but Mehek insist to go for her reputation. After Some clashes both become best friend but get marry