Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Marwari Joint Family Lived in Udaipur their two young couples also lived with them named Naitik and Akshara Singhania who are married couple but lead a compromising life. They learn how to live with a mature family members. With the passage of time they become the parents of a Baby boy (Naksh) . Naksh Grown up.


Family faces the challenges of time with happiness and also sadness. Family make a plan to trip but unfortunately Gayatri died during trip in an accident. Naitik and Ahshara Pay fully attention to their children Naksh and Naira. Bewteen the Birth of these two children Dadaji dies on the cause of Heart Attack. Bhabhimaa cuts all the relationship with Akshar and says Akshara to leave the home because Bhbhimaa considered Akshara the cause of Death of Dadaji.