Thapki Pyaar Ki

It is a story of a Girl Thapki who is full of hope and joy and wants to do his work with full zeal and Zeast and cross every obstacle in life. Due to her some bad things no one accept her for marriage. After some time a marriage proposal received from the Diwakar Mishra a short man But when Dewakar konw about the past of the Thapki he denies to marry with thapki insult her family and leaving alone and sad. As time passes Thapki gets a job in 365 News Channel and meet the owner of the channel Dhruv Pandey a well mannered and well educated noble man. After few days the chemistry between thapki and Dhruv increases and convert into love but this jealous Sakshi an other employee in the channel and she often try to broke their relationship. Vasu and other character and always trying to break the relationship of thapki and Dhruv. At the day of marriage Vasu make a plan with his son and brother and creates problems for thapki and separate the dhruv and thapki but thapki was so gentle she always help vasu in trouble this make Vasu Ashamed and Vasu apologize thapki and live with love and happiness.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th June 2017 Full Episode 679

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18 July 2017

Kosi give the yogurt to brides and kids,thapki is watchnig this scene.She also alter their veils(dopatta).Thapki surprised.Kosi feel for her this act all the Panday family is in shock.Pandey family did not see nor think that they can see as such scene in life.They were confused.

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