It is an Indian Drama aired by colors tv. The Story revolves between two sisters Soumy and Surbhi. Surbhi was an apple of his family but Soumya is not liked by her father and grandmother but her mother loves her very much. Harman a leading character of shakti kidnap the soumya by mistake instead of Surbhi and releases the Soumy next day. All the villagers think that Harman have a sex with Soumy. So That Harman.s father decided the marriage of Harman and Soumya all were against of this but after all Soumya get marry with Harman. Soumya,s mother was very worried about this because she knows Harman is not a good man for Soumya but all strategies filed and both get married. Soumya reveals the truth to the Harman about his past but Harman accept soumya and they become good friend. Harman called Soumya Gulabo. Haram Mother wants he get married to Mahi and divorced the Soumya but he rejected the Mahi. After thisSurbhi and Harman find Soumya because she was very upset and leave the home at this situation but now she is very happy with her family.