Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi and Rish are Cousins but having different personalities and opinoin. Gopi is uneducated but nice quiet calm and very kind.On the other hand Rishi is highly qualified ,Extrovert and chrismatic. Kokila the mother in law of Gopi and tries to match the personality of Gopi tp her son so that Her son accepted her with love.

After th death of Gopi,s parents she was adopted by Jitu and Urmila. Rishi always tries to creat problems for gopi but failed. At the end both of cousins are happily acceptedby their families and husbands and lived a happy life. The daughter of Kokila Kinjal get married with the cousin of Rishi Dhaval. Kinjal gives birth to twins while Gopi have a daughter. Suddenly Gopi Find her parents very dramatically who considered to be dead. At the end meera killed and Gopi gets blame for that murder and her family thrown out for this blame