Mere Angne Mein

It is the story of a family of Shirivastav live in Uttar pardesh.The Monarch of Family,Shanti, Handles all the family matters but problems occurs when a new brides comes in the house and she refuses to accept the rules of Shanti,s house.

This shows that how little conflicts creats bigger problems. Riya and Shivam Love each other who are coworker in a office.She has no family but a father. Shivams has a introvert family and hardly permit the women,s to work.Riya is a Pretty girl. Sarla make a plan riya into marrying with his flirt and shy son instead of intellegent Shivam. This plan works and all goes well as they think.

Mere Angne Mein 16th June 2017 Full Episode 721

Mere Angne Mein 25 June 2017

Shanti ordered to Aarti now till marriage you and Amit will not meet.Keep away from him untill you got marriage with him.Aarti please listen to me.Aarti thinks for a while that what is right at this situation.She motivated them to do what she say.She contineously persuaded him to be with …

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