Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai

It is the Story of Shekhari Rajput with a blind Brother and having a younger beautiful sister Geetanjali. A Twist comes in the story when a love story of Geetanjali and Captain Abhmanyu which is a military officer. But Geetanjali Brother not wants that she marry with captain instead of opposition of her brother she got married with captain Abhimanyu. Suddenly Abhimanyu died in a car accident and his body lost in jungle.But Geetanjali Says Abhimanyu is live and she will find him one day. 6 year later a gentle boy appears who.s name is Priyam . He said this is his 2nd birth but Geetanjali not believe on him. Most of time he tries to convince the Geetanjali but invain. He tells Geetanjali that the Death of Abhimanyu is a murder not an accident. At the end Geetanjali blames Choti maa for the death of Abhimanyu.Then story take U turn and Abhimayu appears in mask and saved Geetanjali when she was stuck in fire and Abhmanyu says, I come back for you.