Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Kailash a rich proudy man and rank people on the base of their wealth and status.Vivadha his daughter a very happy girl in his world and very obedient girl of his father.Her father is her role model. Kailah sees many buffets and blows of life and bear the poverty in his life but now he is successful rich person. Atharva a good guy but Kailash is not impressed with him and he thinks he is not fit for his daughter Vivadha. As Time goes Vivadha fell in love with Arthava.

Arthava Alos fell in love with Vivadha but Her father does not agreed. Ramakant,s the father of Athrava meets Kailash but unfortunately he died before any decision. Kailash takes the benefit of Ramakant,s death and tell the Ramakant,s Second Family that Ramakant,s wished the marriage of Vivadha and Ravish.In thia way Vivadha and Ravish got married but vivadha not accept Ravish as a husband and said Ravish they are friends and respect their families as earlier they can.Vivadha waits for Atharva and at last they meet and the truth of Kailsh Revealed.